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Men’s Health Urbanathlon Training

Posted by audaciousalbert on October 27, 2012

Excited to be training for the San Francisco Men’s Health Urbanathlon team relay on November 18th.


Looking at some of the obstacles throughout this race, I know I need to do some more specificity training to get in shape. Events I done in the past such as the Warrior Dash and Ranch Romp run required upper body strength and the ability to adapt to working different muscle groups from one obstacle to the next. I plan to draw from my experiences at these races when planning my training routine for the Urbanathlon.

Here’s a recap and some highlights of my training activity this week:

Sunday: ~2 hour bike ride starting in Sunnyvale and riding through Los Altos and up to Palo Alto.


Monday: Push ups, core exercises

Tuesday: ~7 miles at Rancho San Antonio – upper wildcat loop.


Wednesday: Push ups, core exercises

Thursday: Rest

Friday: ~5 miles – St. Joe’s Hill in Los Gatos +  17 mile bike ride



Saturday: Rest


Biking around town with some training buddies


Running St. Joe’s Hill with friends and fellow SFM Ambassadors.

Overall, it’s been a solid week of training. Wouldn’t have been able to wake up in the morning to get my workouts in if it weren’t for some awesome training buddies. Tomorrow, I’ll be pacing the 1:50 half marathon group at the Morgan Hill Marathon. Looking forward to more workouts and getting in shape for the Urbanathlon!


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