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New Nike+ Sportband 2.0

Posted by audaciousalbert on August 10, 2009

Recently, my Nike+ iPod died! I needed another way to track my miles. I was thinking about a Garmin Forerunner or the Nike+ Sportband. Since I love Nike products, and am on a broke college student budget, I went with the less expensive Nike+ Sportband (retails for $59).

It’s awesome so far. I jogged 4 miles around the track in the middle lane. The sportband measured a pretty darn accurate 1.06 miles! The next day, I went on a measured 7 mile run, and the sportband read 6.95 miles upon completion. That’s great accuracy out of the box without calibration.

I also like the simplistic design of the sportband. It’s functional, aesthetic, works as a watch, and does a great way of tracking my runs. A backlight would be nice so I could see the screen when it’s darker. As long as water doesn’t get into this screen or the battery doesn’t die suddenly, I think I’m good. I think these things have been fixed in this new version (2.0) of the sportband.

Here are some of the benefits/features of the sportband from the nikestore website:

  • Tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned
  • Memory captures and stores 30 hours worth of running data
  • Removable Nike+ Link for quick connection to
  • Doubles as a watch with time display
  • Enhanced display for increased readability, improved water resistance
  • Automatic battery recharge when Nike+ Link is plugged into your computer
  • Stainless steel popper closure holds band in place and offers an adjustable fit
  • Durable polycarbonate case
  • Pre-curved polyurethane band for lightweight comfort
  • Includes Nike+ sensor to be placed in your Nike+ ready shoes
  • One size

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