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Weekly Training Update

Posted by audaciousalbert on August 17, 2009

August 9th – August 15:

Sunday: 2 miles
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday: Track Workout ((1000, 400 recovery, 900, 300 recovery, 800, 200 recovery, 700, 500 recovery), 4 x 400 (400 recovery))
Wednesday: 3 miles, 7 miles
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: REST
Saturday: 16 miles

Total weekly mileage ~ 44



My nike+ sportband is still going great! 


On a separate note, congratulations to Paula Radcliffe in winning the NYC Half Marathon. I guess that is a good indication that she is ready for Berlin next week. Good luck at the marathon in Berlin. It’s going to be a great race. Kara Goucher is also running 🙂


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Weekly Training Update

Posted by audaciousalbert on August 10, 2009

August 2nd – August 8:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday: Track Workout ((800, 100 recovery, 800, 300 recovery) x 3)
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: 14 miles
Saturday: Rest

Total weekly mileage ~ 40

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New Nike+ Sportband 2.0

Posted by audaciousalbert on August 10, 2009

Recently, my Nike+ iPod died! I needed another way to track my miles. I was thinking about a Garmin Forerunner or the Nike+ Sportband. Since I love Nike products, and am on a broke college student budget, I went with the less expensive Nike+ Sportband (retails for $59).

It’s awesome so far. I jogged 4 miles around the track in the middle lane. The sportband measured a pretty darn accurate 1.06 miles! The next day, I went on a measured 7 mile run, and the sportband read 6.95 miles upon completion. That’s great accuracy out of the box without calibration.

I also like the simplistic design of the sportband. It’s functional, aesthetic, works as a watch, and does a great way of tracking my runs. A backlight would be nice so I could see the screen when it’s darker. As long as water doesn’t get into this screen or the battery doesn’t die suddenly, I think I’m good. I think these things have been fixed in this new version (2.0) of the sportband.

Here are some of the benefits/features of the sportband from the nikestore website:

  • Tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned
  • Memory captures and stores 30 hours worth of running data
  • Removable Nike+ Link for quick connection to
  • Doubles as a watch with time display
  • Enhanced display for increased readability, improved water resistance
  • Automatic battery recharge when Nike+ Link is plugged into your computer
  • Stainless steel popper closure holds band in place and offers an adjustable fit
  • Durable polycarbonate case
  • Pre-curved polyurethane band for lightweight comfort
  • Includes Nike+ sensor to be placed in your Nike+ ready shoes
  • One size

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RIP my Nike+ iPod

Posted by audaciousalbert on August 4, 2009

The other day on my long run, something tragic happened. At the start of the run, I turned on my iPod with Nike+ as usual then proceeded to run. However, about 2 miles into the run, I took my iPod out to check the pace, and got a strange error message which said, “Firewire connections are not supported. To transfer songs, connect the USB cable provided. Press center to dismiss.” Also, my workout had been ended. I then proceeded to press the center button, and start a new workout. Soon after (~.5 miles), I heard a voice come on through my headphones which said “Workout ended. Press the center button to end your workout.” (or something along those lines)… What?! I didn’t end my workout. At this point, I didn’t bother to restart my Nike+, and just ran with the music.

When I got home, I did a search for the error, and saw on some forums that other people have been experiencing the same thing. The conclusion I got is that water is the culprit. It seems as though water (or sweat, as I know I sweat profusely… probably more than the average runner) has gotten into the dock or receiver which causes the error. Ok! I’ll let it dry out, and try again. On my run yesterday, I ran with my iPod in my pocket sans music. When I got back from the run (~7 miles), the iPod read .54 miles. I may need to get a new iPod, receiver, or sensor (I have gone through 3 of them already). Either way, I think this one is burned out from running. May it RIP.

Well, it was good while it lasted. At least the iPod is still good for music, podcasts, and all that jazz. Not sure if I should replace it, invest in one of those new Nike+ Sport bands, or jump on the Garmin bandwagon. I like the Nike+ website and tracking my runs.

As a tribute to my old Nike+:

Thanks for getting me through 217 workout and 1222.11 miles, and earning me trophies, metals, and helping me attain my running goals. You have lived a very fulfilling life.

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Weekly Training Update

Posted by audaciousalbert on August 3, 2009

Monday: 5 miles recovery from Sunday’s 1/2 marathon
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: 7 miles (in the hot sun ~107 F)
Thursday: 5 miles (still ~100 F)
Friday: 3 miles (weather is still in the 90s!)
Saturday: 15 miles

Weekly Total: 35 miles

A week full of hot weathered runs – not the typical Oregon weather.

Best run of the week was Saturday’s long run. It was the toughest thing I did in a while. As I headed out the door, I felt great. 2 miles into the run, I started dripping sweat. Due to the hot weather, my pace dropped significantly so my focus was just to put the miles in and get back home.

Next week’s long run will be 17 miles.

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