Audacious Albert's Blog

Running in the Rain

Posted by audaciousalbert on November 15, 2008



It was raining (Oregon style) the other day, and I decided to go running with some friends. We did a couple of loops along Waterfront Park in downtown Portland, across the Hawthorn Bride towards SE, back along the Eastbank Esplanade, and back across the Steel Bridge. Although I am not a great, highly experienced/hardcore runner, while on that run, I realized how much I really like running. I didn’t even care(too much) that it was raining bullets and I was dripping wet the whole time. Maybe it was adrenaline that kept me going for duration of the 5.97(according to my iPod’s Nike Plus sensor) miles, or the fact that there were bagels and refreshments waiting for us back at Niketown(for Run Club).

Anyways, I had a blast! Perhaps I should blog about something other than running. Stay tuned for other interesting and audacious blog entries! 😉

Thanks for running with me, Noel and Ginny! 🙂



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